Celebratio Mathematica

Shiing-Shen Chern

Curriculum Vitae

1911 Born Oc­to­ber 26 at Kash­ing, China
1930 B.Sc., Nankai Uni­versity, Tientsin, China
1934 M.Sc., Tsinghua Uni­versity, Peiping, China
1936 D.Sc., Uni­versity of Ham­burg, Ger­many
1937–43 Pro­fess­or of Math­em­at­ics, Tsinghua Uni­versity, China
1943–46 Mem­ber, In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Study, Prin­ceton, New Jer­sey
1946–49 Pro­fess­or of Math­em­at­ics and Act­ing Dir­ect­or, In­sti­tute of Math­em­at­ics, Aca­demia Sin­ica, Nank­ing, China
1949–60 Pro­fess­or of Math­em­at­ics, Uni­versity of Chica­go
1960–79 Pro­fess­or of Math­em­at­ics, Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Berke­ley
1979 Pro­fess­or Emer­it­us, Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Berke­ley
1952 Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, Har­vard Uni­versity
1953 Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, Ei­dgen­oss­is­che Tech­nis­che Hoch­schule, Zurich
1957 Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, Mas­sachu­setts In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy
1964 Mem­ber, In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Study, Prin­ceton
1966 Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Los Angeles
1967 Apr Mem­ber, In­sti­tut des Hautes Et­udes Sci­en­ti­fiques, Par­is
1970 Aug Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
1972 Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, Uni­versity of War­wick, Cov­entry, Eng­land
1973 Vis­it­ing Pro­fess­or, Rock­e­feller Uni­versity, New York


1948 Mem­ber, Aca­demia Sin­ica, Bejing, China
1950 Hon­or­ary Mem­ber, In­di­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety
1954–55 Gug­gen­heim Fel­low
1960 Col­loqui­um Lec­turer, Amer­ic­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety
1961 Mem­ber, Na­tion­al Academy of Sci­ence
1962–64 Vice Pres­id­ent, Amer­ic­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety
1963 Fel­low, Amer­ic­an Academy of Arts and Sci­ences
1963–64 Miller Re­search Pro­fess­or, Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Berke­ley
1966–67 Gug­gen­heim Fel­low
1969 LL.D. (Hon), The Chinese Uni­versity of Hong Kong, May
1969 D.Sc. (Hon), Uni­versity of Chica­go, Au­gust 29
1970 Achieve­ment Award, As­so­ci­ation of Chinese En­gin­eers and Sci­ent­ist in South­ern Cali­for­nia, Feb­ru­ary 28, 1970
1971 Hon­or­ary D.Sc., Uni­versity of Ham­burg, Oc­to­ber
1971 Cor­res­pond­ing Mem­ber, Brazili­an Academy of Sci­ences
1976 Oct Awar­ded Na­tion­al Medal of Sci­ence by Pres­id­ent Ger­ald Ford
1978 Fac­ulty Re­search Lec­ture, April 27, UC Berke­ley
1980 Offered hon­or­ary Doc­tor of Sci­ence de­gree by Notre Dame Uni­versity
1982 Re­cip­i­ent of the Hum­boldt Award, presen­ted by the gov­ern­ment of West Ger­many to an out­stand­ing seni­or U.S. sci­ent­ist
1983 Steele Prize of the Amer­ic­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety, Au­gust 10, 1983
1985 For­eign mem­ber, Roy­al So­ci­ety of Lon­don
1987 Hon­or­ary Life Mem­ber, New York Academy of Sci­ence