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Kai Lai Chung

Excursions, moderate Markov processes and probabilistic potential theory

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K. L. Chung, M. Liao, and K. M. Rao: “Du­al­ity un­der a new set­ting,” pp. 23–​38 in Sem­in­ar on stochast­ic pro­cesses, 1983 (Uni­versity of Flor­ida, Gaines­ville, FL, 1983). Edi­ted by E. Çin­lar, K. L. Chung, and R. K. Getoor. Pro­gress in Prob­ab­il­ity and Stat­ist­ics 7. Birkhäuser (Bo­ston, MA), 1984. MR 902410 Zbl 0558.​60056 incollection