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P. Emery Thomas

Topology; number theory


Works connected to Raphael S. Zahler

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E. Thomas and R. S. Zahler: “Non­tri­vi­al­ity of the stable ho­mo­topy ele­ment \( \gamma_1 \),” J. Pure Ap­pl. Al­gebra 4 : 2 (April 1974), pp. 189–​203. MR 0356049 Zbl 0287.​55014 article

E. Thomas and R. Zahler: “Gen­er­al­ized high­er or­der co­homo­logy op­er­a­tions and stable ho­mo­topy groups of spheres,” Adv. Math. 20 : 3 (June 1976), pp. 287–​328. MR 0423351 Zbl 0335.​55009 article