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M. F. Atiyah, N. J. Hitchin, V. G. Drin­fel’d, and Yu. I. Man­in: “Con­struc­tion of in­stan­tons,” Phys. Lett. A 65 : 3 (1978), pp. 185–​187. MR 598562 article

M. Atiyah: “Com­ment­ary on the art­icle of Man­in,” pp. 103–​109 in Arbeit­sta­gung Bonn 1984 (Max-Planck-In­sti­tut für Math­em­atik, Bonn, 15–22 June 1984). Edi­ted by F. Hirzebruch, J. Schwer­mer, and S. Suter. Lec­ture Notes in Math­em­at­ics 1111. Spring­er (Ber­lin), 1985. The art­icle is Yu. I. Man­in, “New di­men­sions in geo­metry,” from the same volume. MR 797417 Zbl 0595.​53071 incollection