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P. T. Bate­man, J. W. Brown, R. S. Hall, K. E. Kloss, and R. M. Stemmler: “Lin­ear re­la­tions con­nect­ing the ima­gin­ary parts of the zer­os of the zeta func­tion,” pp. 11–​19 in Com­puters in num­ber the­ory (Ox­ford, 18–23 Au­gust 1969). Edi­ted by A. O. L. Atkin and J. B. Bry­an. Aca­dem­ic Press (Lon­don), 1971. Pro­ceed­ings of the Sci­entif­ic Re­search Coun­cil At­las Sym­posi­um no. 2. MR 0330069 Zbl 0216.​03601 incollection