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Paul T. Bateman

Sums of squares and modular number theory

Works connected to Elizabeth Grosswald

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P. T. Bate­man: “In­tegers ex­press­ible in a giv­en num­ber of ways as a sum of two squares,” pp. 37–​45 in A trib­ute to Emil Gross­wald: Num­ber the­ory and re­lated ana­lys­is. Edi­ted by M. I. Knopp and M. Shein­gorn. Con­tem­por­ary Math­em­at­ics 143. Amer­ic­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety (Provid­ence, RI), 1993. Ded­ic­ated to the memory of Eliza­beth and Emil Gross­wald. MR 1210510 Zbl 0790.​11032 incollection