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P. Baum and R. G. Douglas: “Toep­litz op­er­at­ors and Poin­caré du­al­ity,” pp. 137–​166 in Toep­litz centen­ni­al: Toep­litz me­mori­al con­fer­ence in op­er­at­or the­ory, ded­ic­ated to the 100th an­niversary of the birth of Otto Toep­litz (Tel Aviv, 11–15 May 1981). Edi­ted by I. Go­hberg. Op­er­at­or The­ory: Ad­vances and Ap­plic­a­tions 4. Birkhäuser (Basel), 1982. MR 669904 Zbl 0517.​55001 incollection