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J. S. Birman and H. M. Hilden: “On the map­ping class groups of closed sur­faces as cov­er­ing spaces,” pp. 81–​115 in Ad­vances in the the­ory of Riemann sur­faces (Stony Brook, NY, 1969). Edi­ted by L. V. Ahlfors, L. Bers, H. M. Far­kas, R. C. Gun­ning, I. Kra, and H. E. Rauch. An­nals of Math­em­at­ics Stud­ies 66. Prin­ceton Uni­versity Press, 1971. MR 0292082 Zbl 0217.​48602 incollection

J. S. Birman and H. M. Hilden: “On iso­top­ies of homeo­morph­isms of Riemann sur­faces,” Ann. Math. (2) 97 : 3 (May 1973), pp. 424–​439. MR 0325959 Zbl 0237.​57001 article