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P. J. Bick­el and D. Black­well: “A note on Bayes es­tim­ates,” Ann. Math. Stat. 38 : 6 (1967), pp. 1907–​1911. MR 0219175 Zbl 0155.​26103 article

D. Black­well: “A hy­po­thes­is-test­ing game without a value,” pp. 79–​82 in A Fest­s­chrift for Erich L. Lehmann. Edi­ted by P. J. Bick­el, K. A. Dok­sum, and J. L. Hodges. Wadsworth Stat­ist­ics/Prob­ab­il­ity Series. Wadsworth (Bel­mont, CA), 1983. MR 689739 Zbl 0525.​62006 incollection