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K. J. Ar­row, D. Black­well, and M. A. Gir­shick: “Bayes and min­im­ax solu­tions of se­quen­tial de­cision prob­lems,” Eco­no­met­rica 17 : 3/4 (July–October 1949), pp. 213–​244. MR 0032173 Zbl 0034.​07504 article

K. J. Ar­row, E. W. Barankin, and D. Black­well: “Ad­miss­ible points of con­vex sets,” pp. 87–​91 in Con­tri­bu­tions to the the­ory of games, vol. II. Edi­ted by H. W. Kuhn and A. W. Tuck­er. An­nals of Math­em­at­ics Stud­ies 28. Prin­ceton Uni­versity Press, 1953. MR 0054919 Zbl 0050.​14203 incollection