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Raoul H. Bott


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R. Bott and J. W. Mil­nor: “On the par­al­lel­iz­ab­il­ity of the spheres,” Bull. Am. Math. Soc. 64 : 3 (1958), pp. 87–​89. MR 0102804 Zbl 0082.​16602 article

R. Bott: “Re­flec­tions on the theme of the poster,” pp. 125–​135 in To­po­lo­gic­al meth­ods in mod­ern math­em­at­ics: A sym­posi­um in hon­or of John Mil­nor’s six­tieth birth­day (Stony Brook, NY, 14–21 June 1991). Edi­ted by L. R. Gold­berg and A. V. Phil­lips. Pub­lish or Per­ish (Hou­s­ton, TX), 1993. MR 1215962 Zbl 0817.​57003 incollection