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R. Bott: “Equivari­ant Morse the­ory and the Yang–Mills equa­tion on Riemann sur­faces,” pp. 11–​22 in The Chern sym­posi­um, 1979: Pro­ceed­ings of the in­ter­na­tion­al sym­posi­um on dif­fer­en­tial geo­metry in hon­or of S.-S. Chern (Berke­ley, CA, June 1979). Edi­ted by W.-Y. Hsiang, S. Kobay­ashi, I. M. Sing­er, A. Wein­stein, J. Wolf, and H.-H. Wu. Spring­er (New York), 1980. MR 609555 Zbl 0492.​58011 incollection