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M. Brown, E. E. Slaminka, and W. Tran­sue: “An ori­ent­a­tion pre­serving fixed point free homeo­morph­ism of the plane which ad­mits no closed in­vari­ant line,” To­po­logy Ap­pl. 29 : 3 (1988), pp. 213–​217. MR 953953 Zbl 0668.​54024

K. Bouch­er, M. Brown, and E. E. Slaminka: “A Nielsen-type the­or­em for area-pre­serving homeo­morph­isms of the two disc,” pp. 43–​50 in Con­tinuum the­ory and dy­nam­ic­al sys­tems. Lec­ture Notes in Pure and Ap­pl. Math. 149. Dek­ker (New York), 1993. MR 1235344 Zbl 0807.​58027