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K. L. Chung: “On di­verse ques­tions of time re­vers­ing in Markov chains (and pro­cesses),” pp. 165–​175 in Pro­ceed­ings of the twelfth bi­en­ni­al sem­in­ar of the Ca­na­dian Math­em­at­ic­al Con­gress on time series and stochast­ic pro­cesses, con­vex­ity and com­bin­at­or­ics (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia, Van­couver, BC, Au­gust 11–27, 1969). Edi­ted by R. Pyke. Ca­na­dian Math­em­at­ic­al Con­gress (Montreal), 1970. MR 0310976 Zbl 0235.​60061 inproceedings