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Kai Lai Chung

Sums of random variables

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K.-L. Chung and P. Er­dős: “On the lower lim­it of sums of in­de­pend­ent ran­dom vari­ables,” Ann. of Math. (2) 48 : 4 (October 1947), pp. 1003–​1013. MR 0023010 Zbl 0029.​15202 article

K. L. Chung and P. Er­dős: “Prob­ab­il­ity lim­it the­or­ems as­sum­ing only the first mo­ment, I,” Mem. Amer. Math. Soc., 1951 : 6 (1951), pp. 19. MR 0040612 Zbl 0042.​37601 article