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Michael H. Freedman

The topological Poincaré conjecture in dimension 4 (the work of M. H. Freedman)

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F. An­cel: “Nowhere dense tame 0-di­men­sion­al de­com­pos­i­tions of \( {S}^4 \) (an ex­pos­i­tion of a the­or­em of Mike Freed­man)”. Un­pub­lished manuscript, 1981. This work was ori­gi­nally (in­cor­rec­tly) cited by Sie­ben­mann in his list of re­fe­ren­ces as “No­where dense tame 0-di­men­sio­nal de­com­po­si­tions of \( S^4 \); an ex­po­si­tion of a the­orem of Mike Freed­man”. Ric Ancel notes the cor­rect title (email to the editor, dated 28 May 2020) and has made the PDF avail­able to rea­ders of CM. techreport