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An­drew M. Gleason: Glimpses of a life in math­em­at­ics. Edi­ted by E. Bolk­er, P. Chernoff, C. Costes, and D. Lieber­man. Privately prin­ted, 1992. book

E. D. Bolk­er, R. Pal­ais, J. B. Gleason, D. Hughes-Hal­lett, T. C. Stevens, J. Te­cosky-Feld­man, T. Tuck­er, P. R. Chernoff, J. J. Spen­cer, J. Wer­mer, J. Bur­roughs, D. Lieber­man, J. Reeds, L. Bar­rett, and L. Dun­ton-Down­er: “An­drew M. Gleason 1921–2008,” No­tices Am. Math. Soc. 56 : 10 (November 2009), pp. 1236–​1267. Bolk­er was the co­ordin­at­ing ed­it­or for this col­lec­tion of trib­utes. MR 2572754 Zbl 1178.​01040 article