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Irving Kaplansky


Works connected to Richard Brauer

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I. Ka­plansky: “\( R \)-se­quences and ho­mo­lo­gic­al di­men­sion,” Nagoya Math. J. 20 (1962), pp. 195–​199. Ded­ic­ated to Richard Brauer on his 60th birth­day. MR 0175955 Zbl 0106.​25702

I. Ka­plansky: “Ad­ja­cent prime ideals,” J. Al­gebra 20 : 1 (January 1972), pp. 94–​97. Ded­ic­ated to Pro­fess­or Richard Brauer, to com­mem­or­ate his 70th birth­day. MR 0289478 Zbl 0229.​13003