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T. M. Lig­gett: “Sur­viv­al and co­ex­ist­ence in in­ter­act­ing particle sys­tems,” pp. 209–​226 in Prob­ab­il­ity and phase trans­ition (Cam­bridge, UK, 4–16 Ju­ly 1993). Edi­ted by G. Grim­mett. NATO Sci­ence Series C: Math­em­at­ic­al and Phys­ic­al Sci­ences 420. Kluwer Aca­dem­ic (Dordrecht), 1994. MR 1283183 Zbl 0832.​60094 incollection

G. R. Grim­mett, T. M. Lig­gett, and T. Rich­tham­mer: “Per­col­a­tion of ar­bit­rary words in one di­men­sion,” Ran­dom Struc­tures Al­gorithms 37 : 1 (2010), pp. 85–​99. MR 2674622 Zbl 1202.​60155 ArXiv 0807.​1676 article