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T. M. Lig­gett: “Clus­ter­ing and co­ex­ist­ence in threshold voter mod­els,” pp. 403–​410 in Cel­lu­lar auto­mata and co­oper­at­ive sys­tems (Les Houches, France, 22 June–2 Ju­ly 1992). Edi­ted by N. Boc­cara, E. Goles, S. Martínez, and P. Picco. NATO Sci­ence Series C: Math­em­at­ic­al and Phys­ic­al Sci­ences 396. Kluwer Aca­dem­ic (Dordrecht), 1993. MR 1267982 Zbl 0869.​60086 incollection

J. Aaron­son, T. Lig­gett, and P. Picco: “Equi­val­ence of re­new­al se­quences and iso­morph­ism of ran­dom walks,” Isr. J. Math. 87 : 1–​3 (1994), pp. 65–​76. MR 1286815 Zbl 0808.​60063 article