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T. M. Lig­gett and F. Spitzer: “Er­god­ic the­or­ems for coupled ran­dom walks and oth­er sys­tems with loc­ally in­ter­act­ing com­pon­ents,” Z. Wahr­schein­lich­keit­s­the­or. Verw. Geb. 56 (1981), pp. 443–​468. MR 621659 Zbl 0444.​60096 article

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R. Dur­rett, T. M. Lig­gett, F. Spitzer, and A.-S. Szn­it­man: In­ter­act­ing particle sys­tems at Saint-Flour (Saint-Flour, France, 1964–1993). Prob­ab­il­ity at Saint-Flour. Spring­er (Ber­lin), 2012. Re­print of vari­ous lec­tures ori­gin­ally pub­lished Lec­ture Notes in Math­em­at­ics 390 (1974), \xlink589 (1977)|MR:0443008, 1464 (1991) and 1608 (1995). MR 3075635 Zbl 1248.​82021 book