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R. Ar­ra­tia and T. M. Lig­gett: “How likely is an i.i.d. de­gree se­quence to be graph­ic­al?,” Ann. Ap­pl. Probab. 15 : 1B (2005), pp. 652–​670. MR 2114985 Zbl 1079.​05023 ArXiv math/​0504096 article

R. Ar­ra­tia, T. M. Lig­gett, and M. J. Wil­li­am­son: “Scale-free and power law dis­tri­bu­tions via fixed points and con­ver­gence of (thin­ning and con­di­tion­ing) trans­form­a­tions,” Elec­tron. Com­mun. Probab. 19 (2014). Art­icle no. 39, 10 pages. MR 3225870 Zbl 1320.​60010 ArXiv 1306.​3017 article