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D. Mc­Duff: “Sym­plect­ic struc­tures on \( \mathbf{R}^{2n} \),” pp. 87–​94 in As­pects dy­namiques et to­po­lo­giques des groupes in­finis trans­form­a­tion de la méca­nique [Dy­nam­ic­al and to­po­lo­gic­al apects of in­fin­ite group trans­form­a­tions in mech­an­ics] (Ly­on, 26–30 May 1986). Edi­ted by P. Dazord, N. Desol­neux-Moulis, and J.-M. Mor­van. Travaux en Cours 25. Her­mann (Par­is), 1987. MR 906899 Zbl 0626.​53025 incollection