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Works connected to Robert Lee Moore

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M. E. Es­till: Con­cern­ing ab­stract spaces. Ph.D. thesis, Uni­versity of Texas at Aus­tin, 1949. Ad­vised by R. L. Moore. A con­densed ver­sion was pub­lished in Duke Math. J. 17:4 (1950). MR 2937954 phdthesis

M. E. Rud­in: “Box products and ex­tremal dis­con­nec­ted­ness,” pp. 274–​283 in Pro­ceed­ings of the Uni­versity of Ok­lahoma to­po­logy con­fer­ence (Nor­man, OK, 23–25 March 1972). Edi­ted by D. C. Kay. Uni­versity of Ok­lahoma (Nor­man, OK), 1972. con­fer­ence ded­ic­ated to Robert Lee Moore. MR 370537 Zbl 0248.​54007 incollection