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M. E. Rud­in: “A nar­row view of set the­or­et­ic to­po­logy,” pp. 190–​195 in Gen­er­al to­po­logy and its re­la­tions to mod­ern ana­lys­is and al­gebra, IV (Prague, Au­gust 1976), part A: In­vited pa­pers. Edi­ted by J. Novák. Lec­ture Notes in Math­em­at­ics 609. Spring­er (Ber­lin), 1977. Pro­ceed­ings of the fourth Prague to­po­lo­gic­al sym­posi­um, 1976. MR 493931 Zbl 0367.​54001 incollection