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Mary Ellen Rudin


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G. Gru­en­hage, P. Nyikos, I. Juhász, B. Fleiss­ner, J. Hart, A. Os­taszewski, S. Mardešić, J. van Mill, J. Vaughan, F. Tall, and K. Yamaza­ki: “Mary El­len Rud­in — re­mem­brances,” pp. 3–​14 in Spe­cial is­sue hon­or­ing the memory of Mary El­len Rud­in, published as To­po­logy Ap­pl. 195. Issue edi­ted by G. Gru­en­hage and P. Nyikos. El­sevi­er (Am­s­ter­dam), November 2015. Gary Gru­en­hage and Peter Nyikos were co­ordin­at­ing ed­it­ors. MR 3414870 Zbl 1326.​54005 incollection