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Mary Ellen Rudin


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M. E. Rud­in: “Hered­it­ar­ily para­com­pact and com­pact mono­ton­ic­ally nor­mal spaces,” pp. 179–​189 in In­ter­na­tion­al school of math­em­at­ics “G. Stam­pac­chia”: Con­ver­gence and to­po­logy (Erice, Si­cily, 27 June–2 Ju­ly 1998), published as To­po­logy Ap­pl. 111 : 1–​2. Issue edi­ted by P. Collins, S. Dolecki, and G. Tironi. 2001. MR 1806038 Zbl 0983.​54021 incollection