Celebratio Mathematica

Mary Ellen Rudin

A tribute to Mary Ellen Rudin

Georgia Benkart, Mirna Džamonja, and Judith Roitman, coordinating editors

Steven G. Krantz, ed­it­or of the No­tices, in­vited the ed­it­ors of this art­icle to pre­pare a col­lect­ive re­mem­brance cel­eb­rat­ing Mary El­len Rud­in’s life and work. In do­ing so, we asked sev­er­al of Mary El­len’s col­leagues, col­lab­or­at­ors, and stu­dents to each con­trib­ute a short piece. The choice of con­trib­ut­ors was not an easy one, since Mary El­len had a very rich math­em­at­ic­al and so­cial life, to which this art­icle can only at­test. Space lim­it­a­tions meant that we could not ac­com­mod­ate all who would have liked to pay trib­ute to her, but we hope that they will find them­selves, at least to some ex­tent, rep­res­en­ted by the re­min­is­cences ap­pear­ing here.

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