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About Celebratio Mathematica

Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica is a new open-ac­cess schol­arly web pub­lic­a­tion that cel­eb­rates math­em­at­ics and re­lated fields, and their people. Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica is struc­tured as a series of col­lec­ted-works volumes or, rather, en­hanced guides to the col­lec­ted works of se­lec­ted sci­ent­ists, with the ad­ded ad­vant­ages of elec­tron­ic me­dia.

Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica or­gan­izes, dis­plays and pre­serves bio­graph­ic and bib­li­o­graph­ic in­form­a­tion, in­dex­ing all doc­u­ments deemed worthy of in­clu­sion in a col­lec­ted-works volume. These can in­clude un­pub­lished doc­u­ments, let­ters, in­ter­views, and more—pos­sibly even host­ing those works for which re­pub­lish­ing rights can be se­cured. Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica will also in­clude com­ment­ar­ies on the sci­ent­ists’ work, pho­to­graphs, testi­mo­ni­als, var­ied mem­or­ab­il­ia, and in­form­a­tion on his or her gradu­ate stu­dents.

Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica’s in­de­pend­ent ed­it­or­i­al board chooses the sci­ent­ists based on sci­entif­ic mer­it, schol­arly in­terest, and ed­it­or­i­al op­por­tun­ity.

Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica is sup­por­ted by MSP and pub­lic gen­er­os­ity.


Credits and Editorial Board


Robion C. Kirby and James W. Pitman

Editorial Board

Robion C. Kirby (U.C. Berkeley)
Robert V. Kohn (New York U.)
Hendrik Lenstra (U. Leiden)
Barry C. Mazur (Harvard U.)
James W. Pitman (U.C. Berkeley)
Ruth J. Williams (U.C. San Diego)
Günter M. Ziegler (F.U. Berlin)

Managing Editors

Rob Kirby and Sheila Newbery


Matthew R. Watkins

Website Software and Design

Peter Newbery and Alex Scorpan
Design: Alex Scorpan
Software: ProCelebratio 0.5
Mathematics rendered by MathJax (mathjax.org)

Acknowledgments & Public Support

Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica is an open-access web publication sup­por­ted by pub­lic gen­er­os­ity. Donated con­tri­bu­tions help fin­ance the de­vel­op­ment and main­ten­ance of the site, the growth of the publication, and al­low MSP to pro­vide free and open ac­cess to its con­tent.

Notable Supporters

We wish to ack­now­ledge the con­si­der­able ge­ne­ro­sity of

  • The Zhengxu and Ying He Foun­da­tion
  • Harry Lucas, Jr
  • The University of Chicago
  • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
  • Harvard University
  • Linda Kirby
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