Celebratio Mathematica

Paul T. Bateman

Books (authored, translated, supplemented, etc.) and Thesis

[1]P. T. Bate­man: On the rep­res­ent­a­tions of a num­ber as the sum of three squares. Ph.D. thesis, Uni­versity of Pennsylvania, 1946. Ad­vised by H. Rademach­er. An art­icle with this title was pub­lished by Bate­man in 1951. MR 2937758 phdthesis

[2]E. Land­au: Hand­buch der Lehre von der Ver­teilung der Primzah­len, 2nd edition. Chelsea Pub­lish­ing Co. (New York), 1953. In two volumes; with an ap­pendix by Paul T. Bate­man. MR 0068565 book

[3]P. T. Bate­man, H. Råd­ström, O. Han­ner, A. M. Mac­beath, C. A. Ro­gers, B. J. Pet­tis, and V. L. Klee: Sem­in­ar on con­vex sets (Prin­ceton, NJ, 1949–1950). In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Study (Prin­ceton, NJ), 1955. MR 0064421 book

[4]E. Land­au: Ele­ment­ary num­ber the­ory. Chelsea (New York), 1958. Eng­lish trans­la­tion; with ad­ded ex­er­cises by P. T. Bate­man and Eu­gene Kohl­beck­er. MR 0092794 Zbl 0079.​06201 book

[5]P. T. Bate­man and H. G. Dia­mond: Ana­lyt­ic num­ber the­ory: An in­tro­duct­ory course. Mono­graphs in Num­ber The­ory 1. World Sci­entif­ic (River Edge, NJ), 2004. MR 2111739 Zbl 1074.​11001 book