Celebratio Mathematica

Georgia Benkart

Gems from the Work of Georgia Benkart

by Tom Halverson and Arun Ram

Geor­gia Ben­k­art com­pleted her PhD in 1974 at Yale Uni­versity, where she was the 30th of Nath­an Jac­ob­son’s 34 PhD stu­dents. From there she joined the fac­ulty at the Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin–Madis­on, where she is now Pro­fess­or Emer­ita.1 Since her re­tire­ment from teach­ing she has provided tre­mend­ous ser­vice to the math­em­at­ic­al com­munity, not­ably as Pres­id­ent of the AWM and as an As­so­ci­ate Sec­ret­ary of the AMS for more than a dec­ade.

In this art­icle we high­light a few se­lec­ted gems from her ex­tens­ive con­tri­bu­tion to our field, or­gan­ized in a roughly chro­no­lo­gic­al se­quence of vign­ettes and im­ages (which can be read or viewed in any or­der). Our hope is that we can cap­ture and trans­mit a snap­shot of Geor­gia’s rich math­em­at­ics, beau­ti­ful style, and won­der­ful math­em­at­ic­al per­son­al­ity.

Ed­it­or’s note: “Gems from the work of Geor­gia Ben­k­art” was pub­lished in the No­tices in March 2022. To read the com­plete art­icle click on the link to the PDF at the up­per right of this page.