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R. H. Bing: “The mono­tone map­ping prob­lem,” pp. 99–​115 in To­po­logy of man­i­folds (Uni­versity of Geor­gia, Athens, GA, 11–22 Au­gust 1969). Edi­ted by J. C. Cantrell and C. H. Ed­wards. Markham Math­em­at­ics Series. Markham (Chica­go), 1970. MR 0275379 Zbl 0283.​57004 incollection

R. H. Bing and M. Star­bird: “A de­com­pos­i­tion of \( S^3 \) with a null se­quence of cel­lu­lar arcs,” pp. 3–​21 in Geo­met­ric to­po­logy (Athens, GA, 1–12 Au­gust 1977). Edi­ted by J. C. Cantrell. Aca­dem­ic Press (New York), 1979. MR 537722 Zbl 0479.​57004 incollection