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R. H. Bing and J. M. Mar­tin: “Mono­tone im­ages of \( E^3 \),” pp. 55–​77 in The pro­ceed­ings of the first con­fer­ence on mono­tone map­pings and open map­pings (SUNY, Bing­hamton, NY, 8–11 Oc­to­ber 1970). Edi­ted by L. F. McAuley. SUNY Bing­hamton, 1971. MR 0281175 Zbl 0239.​57003 incollection

R. H. Bing: “Met­riz­a­tion prob­lems,” pp. 3–​16 in Gen­er­al to­po­logy and mod­ern ana­lys­is (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, River­side, CA, 28–31 May 1980). Edi­ted by L. F. McAuley and M. M. Rao. Aca­dem­ic Press (New York), 1981. MR 619024 Zbl 0527.​54027 incollection