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R. H. Bing and F. B. Jones: “An­oth­er ho­mo­gen­eous plane con­tinuum,” Trans. Am. Math. Soc. 90 : 1 (1959), pp. 171–​192. MR 0100823 Zbl 0084.​18903 article

R. H. Bing: “Ex­tend­ing mono­tone de­com­pos­i­tions of 3-man­i­folds,” pp. 7–​35 in Pro­ceed­ings of the Au­burn to­po­logy con­fer­ence (Au­burn, AL, 13–15 March 1969). Edi­ted by W. R. R. Tran­sue. Au­burn Uni­versity, 1969. Ded­ic­ated to F. Bur­ton Jones on the oc­ca­sion of his 60th birth­day. See also art­icle in Trans. Am. Math. Soc. 149:2 (1970). MR 0370592 Zbl 0257.​57002 incollection

F. B. Jones: “R. H. Bing,” pp. 181–​186 in Pro­ceed­ings of the 1987 to­po­logy con­fer­ence (Birm­ing­ham, AL, 1987), published as To­po­logy Proc. 12 : 1. Issue edi­ted by G. Gru­en­hage, D. Ben­nett, and L. Mohler. Au­burn Uni­versity (Birm­ing­ham, AL), 1987. MR 951716 Zbl 0643.​01014 incollection