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R. H. Bing and A. Kirkor: “An arc is tame in 3-space if and only if it is strongly cel­lu­lar,” Fund. Math. 55 : 2 (1964), pp. 175–​180. MR 0170330 Zbl 0129.​15902 article

R. H. Bing: “Sets in \( R^3 \) with the two-disk prop­erty,” pp. 43–​44 in Pro­ceed­ings of in­ter­na­tion­al con­fer­ence on geo­met­ric to­po­logy (In­sti­tute of Math­em­at­ics, Warsaw, 24 Au­gust–2 Septem­ber 1978). Edi­ted by K. Bor­suk and A. Kirkor. Pol­ish Sci­entif­ic Pub­lish­ers (Warsaw), 1980. Zbl 0463.​57002 incollection