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R. Yin, B. Cor­nel­is, G. Fodor, N. Ocon, D. Dun­son, and I. Daubech­ies: “Re­mov­ing cradle ar­ti­facts in X-ray im­ages of paint­ings,” SIAM J. Ima­ging Sci. 9 : 3 (2016), pp. 1247–​1272. MR 3541996 Zbl 06665850 article

G. Fodor, B. Cor­nel­is, R. Yin, A. Dooms, and I. Daubech­ies: “Cradle re­mov­al in X-ray im­ages of pan­el paint­ings,” IPOL J. Im­age Pro­cess. On­line 7 (2017), pp. 23–​42. MR 3608123 article