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Z. Cvetkovic, I. Daubech­ies, and B. F. Lo­gan: “In­ter­pol­a­tion of band­lim­ited func­tions from quant­ized ir­reg­u­lar samples,” pp. 412–​421 in Pro­ceed­ings: Data com­pres­sion con­fer­ence (Snow­bird, UT, 2–4 April 2002). Edi­ted by J. A. Stor­er and M. Cohn. IEEE (Pis­cat­away, NJ), 2002. incollection

Z. Cvetković, I. Daubech­ies, and B. F. Lo­gan, Jr.: “Single-bit over­sampled A/D con­ver­sion with ex­po­nen­tial ac­cur­acy in the bit rate,” IEEE Trans. In­form. The­ory 53 : 11 (2007), pp. 3979–​3989. Also pub­lished in Pro­ceed­ings: DCC 2000 (2000). MR 2446550 Zbl 1231.​94041 article