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I. C. Daubech­ies: Rep­res­ent­a­tion of quantum mech­an­ic­al op­er­at­ors by ker­nels on Hil­bert spaces of ana­lyt­ic func­tions. Ph.D. thesis, Vrije Uni­versiteit Brus­sel, 1980. Ad­vised by J. Reigni­er and A. Gross­mann. phdthesis

I. Daubech­ies, A. Gross­mann, and J. Reigni­er: “An in­teg­ral trans­form re­lated to quant­iz­a­tion, II: Some math­em­at­ic­al prop­er­ties,” J. Math. Phys. 24 : 2 (1983), pp. 239–​254. MR 692298 article