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F. J. Si­mons, I. Lor­is, G. No­let, I. C. Daubech­ies, S. Voron­in, J. S. Judd, P. A. Vet­ter, J. Charléty, and C. Von­esch: “Solv­ing or resolv­ing glob­al tomo­graph­ic mod­els with spher­ic­al wave­lets, and the scale and sparsity of seis­mic het­ero­gen­eity,” Geo­phys. J. Int. 187 : 2 (November 2011), pp. 969–​988. ArXiv 1104.​3151 article

F. J. Si­mons, I. Lor­is, E. Brevdo, and I. C. Daubech­ies: “Wave­lets and wave­let-like trans­forms on the sphere and their ap­plic­a­tion to geo­phys­ic­al data in­ver­sion,” pp. electronic only, p.81380X in Wave­lets and sparsity XIV (San Diego, CA, 21–24 Au­gust 2011). Edi­ted by M. Papada­kis, D. Van De Ville, and V. K. Goy­al. Pro­ceed­ings of SPIE 8138. SPIE (Belling­ham, WA), 2011. ArXiv 1109.​1718 incollection