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Dick Gross’s marvelous mentoring

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B. H. Gross and D. B. Za­gi­er: “On sin­gu­lar mod­uli,” J. Reine An­gew. Math. 355 (1985), pp. 191–​220. Ded­ic­ated to J.-P. Serre. MR 772491 Zbl 0545.​10015 article

B. H. Gross and D. B. Za­gi­er: “Hee­gn­er points and de­riv­at­ives of \( L \)-series,” In­vent. Math. 84 (1986), pp. 225–​320. To John Tate. This work ex­pands on a short note pub­lished in C. R. Acad. Sci., Par­is 297 (1983). Part II was pub­lished in Math. Ann. 278 (1987). MR 833192 Zbl 0608.​14019 article