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Vaughan F. R. Jones

“The annular structure of subfactors,”
by Vaughan Jones

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V. F. R. Jones: “The an­nu­lar struc­ture of sub­factors,” pp. 401–​463 in Es­says on geo­metry and re­lated top­ics: Mémoires dédiés à An­dré Hae­fli­ger [Es­says on geo­metry and re­lated top­ics: Mem­oirs ded­ic­ated to An­dré Hae­fli­ger], vol. 2. Edi­ted by É. Ghys, P. de la Harpe, V. F. R. Jones, V. Ser­gi­es­cu, and T. Tsuboi. Mono­graph­ies de l’En­sei­gne­ment Mathématique 38. En­sei­gne­ment Mathématique (Geneva), 2001. MR 1929335 Zbl 1019.​46036 ArXiv math/​0105071 incollection