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J. M. Kister: Iso­top­ies in man­i­folds. Ph.D. thesis, Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin, Madis­on, 1959. Ad­vised by R. H. Bing. MR 2612903 phdthesis

R. H. Bing and J. M. Kister: “Tam­ing com­plexes in hy­per­planes,” Duke Math. J. 31 : 3 (1964), pp. 491–​511. MR 0164329 Zbl 0124.​16701 article

A. Blass and J. M. Kister: “Free sub­groups of the homeo­morph­ism group of the reals,” pp. 243–​252 in Spe­cial volume in hon­or of R. H. Bing (1914–1986) (San Mar­cos, TX, Novem­ber 1984), published as To­po­logy Ap­pl. 24 : 1–​3. Issue edi­ted by S. Singh and T. L. Thick­stun. El­sevi­er (Am­s­ter­dam), December 1986. MR 872496 Zbl 0604.​57015 incollection