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J. Hass, J. T. Pitts, and J. H. Ru­bin­stein: “Ex­ist­ence of un­stable min­im­al sur­faces in man­i­folds with ho­mo­logy and ap­plic­a­tions to triply peri­od­ic min­im­al sur­faces,” pp. 147–​162 in Dif­fer­en­tial geo­metry (Los Angeles, 8–28 Ju­ly 1990), part 1: Par­tial dif­fer­en­tial equa­tions on man­i­folds. Edi­ted by R. E. Green and S.-T. Yau. Pro­ceed­ings of Sym­po­sia in Pure Math­em­at­ics 54. Amer­ic­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety (Provid­ence, RI), 1993. MR 1216582 Zbl 0798.​53009 incollection