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M. G. Schar­le­mann and L. C. Sieben­mann: “The Hauptver­mu­tung for \( C^{\infty} \) homeo­morph­isms, II: A proof val­id for open 4-man­i­folds,” Com­posi­tio Math. 29 : 3 (1974), pp. 253–​264. MR 375338 Zbl 0315.​57010 article

M. G. Schar­le­mann and L. C. Sieben­mann: “The Hauptver­mu­tung for smooth sin­gu­lar homeo­morph­isms,” pp. 85–​91 in Man­i­folds — Tokyo 1973 (Tokyo, 10–17 April 1973). Edi­ted by A. Hat­tori. Uni­versity of Tokyo Press, 1975. A part II (with some­what dif­fer­ent title) was pub­lished in Com­posi­tio Math. 29:3 (1974). MR 372871 Zbl 0315.​57009 incollection

M. Schar­le­mann: “Some pictori­al re­marks on Su­zuki’s Brun­ni­an graph,” pp. 351–​354 in To­po­logy ’90 (Colum­bus, OH, Feb­ru­ary–June 1990). Edi­ted by B. Apanasov, W. D. Neu­mann, A. W. Re­id, and L. Sieben­mann. Ohio State Uni­versity Math­em­at­ics Re­search In­sti­tute Pub­lic­a­tions 1. de Gruyter (Ber­lin), 1992. MR 1184420 Zbl 0772.​57005 incollection