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G. Szegő and A. Zyg­mund: “On cer­tain mean val­ues of poly­no­mi­als,” J. Ana­lyse Math. 3 : 1 (1954), pp. 225–​244. Ded­ic­ated to the memory of Otto Szász. MR 0064910 Zbl 0055.​30303 article

A. Zyg­mund: “On one-sided loc­al­iz­a­tion of tri­go­no­met­ric series,” pp. 435–​447 in Stud­ies in math­em­at­ic­al ana­lys­is and re­lated top­ics: Es­says in hon­or of G. Pólya. Edi­ted by G. Szegö, C. Loewn­er, S. Berg­man, M. M. Schif­fer, J. Ney­man, D. Gil­barg, and H. So­lomon. Stan­ford Stud­ies in Math­em­at­ics and Stat­ist­ics 4. Stan­ford Uni­versity Press (Stan­ford, CA), 1962. MR 0145261 Zbl 0119.​05701 incollection

M. Weiss and A. Zyg­mund: “An ex­ample in the the­ory of sin­gu­lar in­teg­rals,” Stu­dia Math. 26 : 1 (1965–1966), pp. 101–​111. To Gabor Szegö on his sev­en­ti­eth birth­day. MR 0190655 Zbl 0127.​05702 article