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P. Baum, W. Fulton, and R. MacPh­er­son: “Riemann–Roch for sin­gu­lar vari­et­ies,” Inst. Hautes Études Sci. Publ. Math. 45 (1975), pp. 101–​145. MR 412190 Zbl 0332.​14003 article

P. Baum, W. Fulton, and R. MacPh­er­son: Riemann–Roch and to­po­lo­gic­al \( K \)-the­ory for sin­gu­lar vari­et­ies. Pre­print 42, Aar­hus Uni­versity Math­em­at­ics In­sti­tute, 1977. A ver­sion of this was later pub­lished in Acta Math. 143:3–4 (1979). Zbl 0355.​14008 techreport

P. Baum, W. Fulton, and R. MacPh­er­son: “Riemann–Roch and to­po­lo­gic­al \( K \) the­ory for sin­gu­lar vari­et­ies,” Acta Math. 143 : 3–​4 (1979), pp. 155–​192. A pre­print was pub­lished in 1977. MR 549773 Zbl 0474.​14004 article

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