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J. D. Álvarez Alonso and A. P. Calder­ón: “Func­tion­al cal­culi for pseudodif­fer­en­tial op­er­at­ors, II,” pp. 27–​72 in Stud­ies in ap­plied math­em­at­ics: A volume ded­ic­ated to Irving Segal, vol. 8. Edi­ted by V. Guille­min. Ad­vances in Math­em­at­ics: Sup­ple­ment­ary Stud­ies. Aca­dem­ic Press (New York), 1983. Part I was pub­lished in Four­i­er ana­lys­is (1980). MR 759905 Zbl 0515.​47026 incollection