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D. M. Boy­er, Y. Lip­man, E. S. Clair, J. Puente, B. A. Pa­tel, T. Funk­houser, J. Jern­vall, and I. Daubech­ies: “Al­gorithms to auto­mat­ic­ally quanti­fy the geo­met­ric sim­il­ar­ity of ana­tom­ic­al sur­faces,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108 : 45 (2011), pp. 18221–​18226. ArXiv 1110.​3649 article

Y. Lip­man, J. Puente, and I. Daubech­ies: “Con­form­al Wasser­stein dis­tance, II: Com­pu­ta­tion­al as­pects and ex­ten­sions,” Math. Comp. 82 : 281 (2013), pp. 331–​381. Part I was pub­lished in Adv. Math 227:3 (2011). MR 2983027 Zbl 1281.​65034 ArXiv 1103.​4681 article

D. M. Boy­er, J. Puente, J. T. Gl­ad­man, C. Glynn, S. Mukher­jee, G. S. Ya­puncich, and I. Daubech­ies: “A new fully auto­mated ap­proach for align­ing and com­par­ing shapes,” Anat. Rec. 298 : 1 (January 2015), pp. 249–​276. article