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Y. Lip­man, R. Al-Ai­fari, and I. Daubech­ies: “Con­tinu­ous Pro­crustes dis­tance between two sur­faces,” Comm. Pure Ap­pl. Math. 66 : 6 (2013), pp. 934–​964. Full ver­sion of work presen­ted first at Third Work­shop on Non-Ri­gid Shape Ana­lys­is and De­form­able Im­age Align­ment (in con­junc­tion with CV­PR’10), June 2010. MR 3043386 Zbl 1276.​68157 ArXiv 1106.​4588 article

R. Al-Ai­fari, I. Daubech­ies, P. Grohs, and G. Thak­ur: “Re­con­struct­ing real-val­ued func­tions from un­signed coef­fi­cients with re­spect to wave­let and oth­er frames,” J. Four­i­er Anal. Ap­pl. 23 : 6 (December 2017), pp. 1480–​1494. MR 3735589 ArXiv 1601.​07579 article

R. Alai­fari, I. Daubech­ies, P. Grohs, and R. Yin: “Stable phase re­triev­al in in­fin­ite di­men­sions,” Found. Com­put. Math. 19 : 4 (August 2019), pp. 869–​900. MR 3989716 Zbl 07091714 ArXiv 1609.​00034 article