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I. Daubech­ies, O. Run­borg, and W. Sweldens: “Nor­mal mul­tiresol­u­tion ap­prox­im­a­tion of curves,” Con­str. Ap­prox. 20 : 3 (2004), pp. 399–​463. MR 2057535 Zbl 1051.​42025 article

I. Daubech­ies, O. Run­borg, and J. Zou: “A sparse spec­tral meth­od for ho­mo­gen­iz­a­tion multiscale prob­lems,” Multiscale Mod­el. Simul. 6 : 3 (2007), pp. 711–​740. MR 2368964 Zbl 1152.​65099 article